Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


My basic feeling about religion is that it is for the weak. I don't need some supernatural punishment hanging over my head to do the right thing. I do the right thing because I am a social animal and doing the right thing helps society maintain its fabric. The Ten Commandments are nothing spectacular and not divinely inspired. Society was around long before these rules were written in stone and these rules were evident for a long time. Otherwise, humanity would not have lasted very long...we need to work together and these rules, among many others, help keep us working together, to a point obviously. The idea of god was simply laid down by someone who figured he could use it to explain those things not understandable by others. Why? Because god told me he wants it that way. I don't think knowledge will ever destroy god because there will always be questions since people will forever believe that time, in the physical sense, had to begin somewhere and that space has to have limits. I don't, which might possibly make me intellectually lazy but I am not so far advanced in physics that I have had to grapple with those issues. I think there was no beginning and there will be no end. I think space goes on in every direction endlessly. So, some people have used this fear of the unknown to subjugate other people and god let it happen? If there is a religion that believes that god is an incredible asshole than I may be able to return to some religious fold. However, no one seems to have found this ethereal elightenment yet. So, yes, people believe because they are afraid of eternity and thus are slaves to a higher conscience than their own.

And...to get to where I am going with this since everything is political these days except my conversations with my kid (although I have taught him to do a nice raspberry which I encourage every time a Republican shows up on the news)...this is where we are with the Republicans. They encourage people to be afraid so they can manipulate the people. The terrorists also want us to be afraid so the fabric of our life is changed to be on alert. They want the same thing, people, and that's why if the GOP wins the terrorists win. Fear.

I knew I could circle back to it if I really tried.