Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Friday, October 22, 2004


Okay, I've seen this before. One time it worked, one time it backfired. Both times, it was in Yugoslavia. The ruling party, i.e., Bush's ally Kuchma, has called in the miners from Donetsk to...no one knows why exactly. Anyone with a sense of history, though, knows that they are being brought in to cause trouble.

Kuchma's party will attempt to steal the election in favor of Yanukovych, his chosen successor, in spite of the fact that a majority want this party gone and the leader is a pro-westerner named Yuschenko. Yuschenko has so far survived being poisoned, almost run off the road, and in the vicinity of several explosions. The rhetoric against Yuschenko is basically that he is a tool of the US and the west, remember that the current ruling party is the one that sent troops to Iraq to support Bush and has been visited by Rumsfeld several times and W's daddy, and that he will try to divide Ukraine into its eastern and western parts.

Again, the ruling party has chosen its successor to the seat of president. The ruling party has supported Bush by sending troops to Iraq. Bush has refused to pursue allegations against the ruling party that they have been involved in the murder of several journalists and that they sold sophisticated radar technology to the Iraqis. Bush and the ruling party are friends. However it is the opposition candidate who wants to end corruption as much as possible and wants to move Ukraine closer to the west is getting no support from the US. The ruling party, Bush's friends, demonize the opposition as being too western and a tool of the US.

So, the miners... in Yugoslavia, Milosevic brought in the miners, a bunch of roughnecks, and paid them handsomely to beat up any opposition supporters in elections there in the mid-90s. When the opposition supporters decided to try to defend themselves, the police came in and started beating these people and arresting them, leaving the miners alone. It didn't work the second time around as the miners decided they wanted the voice of the people to be heard and blocked the roads and highways to prevent the military and special police from getting to the protestors. Which way will it go here? I am not confident it will be a good result for Americans and Ukrainians but it will be good for Bush and the current ruling party in Ukraine. The miners will take their money, crack some protesting voices, and go back to Donetsk while the protestors will go to jail.

If my wife allows me to leave the home during any problems that may arise, I will try to get some pictures.