Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Monday, October 04, 2004


So, on Sunday, Condi Rice said she knew that there was a debate about the aluminum tubes possessed by Iraq that she claimed could only be used for nuclear fuel rods when, in the end, they could not be used for nuclear fuel rods without significant rework using capbilities that Iraq did not have, but were artillery tubes. She further said that she did not know the nature of the debate. Now, okay, she made a good point that after 9/11 you didn't necessarily want to give the benefit of the doubt to a tyrant. If the house of cards about how much of a threat Saddam had not already fallen down, i.e., without hindsight or not having had the inside knowledge of the intelligence professionals who knew the threat Saddam posed was all make believe, Rice's argument makes sense. Repeating it now, however, after all we've seen and heard about the creativity, as regards their ability to lie, of the Bush administration in making the case against Iraq is burying their heads further into one of their collective orifices...or in the sand for the faint of heart.

What really is amazing is that Rice said, repeating, she did not know the nature of the debate. Did not know the nature? She is a useless, brainless twit of a woman, isn't she? She didn't bother to find out the nature of the debate? She is supposed to be a scholar...of course, read her scholarly work with any bit of education in Soviet studies and you'll realize where I am going with this...and she can't be bothered with the details of a debate? This is a question of war!! A question of sending our kids to die in battle in a foreign land that was of questionable danger to us at the time and she doesn't bother with the details!?

The Bush administration is not just full of cowards but it is full of people who should be brought up on charges. It is full of people with endless hubris but shaky credentials. It is full of people who obviously don't give a damn about anyone other than their friends in Israel, their oil company buddies, and their own grip on power.

How blind, or blinded, are the American people that they can't see the Bush administration is anything but an abject failure?