Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Sunday, October 03, 2004


I've heard a lot of talk about revolution from my side of the political fence. While, in principle, I believe that revolution can be a good thing - go read up on creative destruction - we need to wait on this to see the results. If Bush wins the election in November, we may be screwed. We may not, however, if other politicians come to their senses. For example, there may be a few congresspersons who are willing to change flags to make sure there is not the overwhelming authority W(himpy) now enjoys. Of course, giving the benefit of the doubt to the current incarnation of the GOP is not without danger. This is where revolution can be a bad thing. It can be led by bad people, e.g., in the case of the GOP, the religious right, America firsters and corporate gluttons. Anytime profit or god or nationalism is at the head of a revolution, the people are in trouble. It can be led by good people who can't handle the power they've just obtained, e.g., the French Revolution. It can be led by a good person for all the right reasons but all those underneath are simply interested in power, e.g., numerous communist/socialist/ marxist revolutions. It can be led by good people for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time, e.g., if the Dems take to the streets in great numbers with too much anger and too much vitriol in 2004.

Look, I understand the anger. I can't stand Bush and think he is destructive as hell to the US, especially given the idiots in charge of the House and Senate. If it turns out that W has won the 2004 election, even if it seems they have stolen it, we need to think clearly at first. Act through the press and the courts and the elections boards. Peaceful resolution should be possible as the GOP is filled with a bunch of cowards. If, however, they are as stupid as we fear, then we'll have to see.

Maybe we can let them have it for another 4 years so America can really see what GOP leadership is all about. They could so isolate the US and make it so dangerous for Americans that the people might wake up. They could so destroy the economy through corporatism and skewing of the wealth distribution that the people will finally realize that "class warfare" has an impact on them and gay marriage doesn't. They could put us into more stupid wars that might make the people realize that multilateralism makes more sense than trying to ban flag burning. They might make such a hash of the greatness of the US that the people finally put themselves out of misery by banishing the GOP from leading anything again and actually try to educate themselves on civic matters so they 'don't get fooled again.'

Okay, who am I kidding...TIME TO READY THE PITCHFORKS!

I just want to be sure that there isn't a revolution before the people are ready or the anti-GOP people could do themselves more harm than good and set themselves back farther than they are right now. The majority of America don't see the damage the GOP is doing to the US because they have been good at packaging everything in a nice red, white and blue wrapper or a biblical bow.

Until people realize that freedom in America is based on the Jeffersonian principle of "it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket" and that the founding fathers purposely put god out of the final documentation for very good reasons, America will continue down the road to a mellow fascism.