Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Thursday, October 14, 2004


What role does faith play? What have you learned from your wife? Christ, I'll be glad if America can ever move beyond the Phil Donahue/Oprah Winfrey/Larry King questioning. It's a presidential debate and these questions don't belong.

Culture of life? The president says he wants to promote it which is code for ending abortion. That's a culture of life? Abstinence education is supporting that? Bullshit. He wants to throw pro-choice in the same camp as pro-abortion. It's always been a lie. Telling kids to "Just say no" doesn't work. Educating them on the realities of sex and how to do it safely when they decide to engage goes a lot further to reducing abortions than banning the practice. Additionally, forcing women into back alley abortions does not promote a culture of life.

On outsourcing, why doesn't Kerry push the idea that pursuing environmental policies will create jobs at universities and research institutions, and, ultimately, for manufacturers in America. It won't happen tomorrow but it will work eventually...just like internet technologies. The tax policies for the purpose of outsourcing are a nice way to stem the tide immediately but you have to get it past congress.

On education, Bush wants to test the kids and spend more educational resources on making all kids bricks in the wall. Not sure what Kerry wants to do.

On minimum wage, it's about god damned time to raise it. What did Bush say?

On health care, Bush lied and lied and lied...again. On budget issues, Bush lied and lied and lied...again. Kerry still needs to enunciate better what his plans are because they are good. On doing what's best for our military, Kerry needs to sound bite what he's said all along, "The best way to ensure we get the bext out of our servicemen and women is to make sure they aren't enrolled forcibly in wars of choice and are reserved for wars of necessity.

And, in the end, Bush is still an idiot. Kerry looks infinitely more presidential. Bush smirked plenty and what the hell was that spittle in the corner of his mouth? Kerry's voice cracked a couple of times and he did some weird knee dip at one point apparently looking for a glass of water.

I wished Kerry had hit a bit harder and called Bush a liar but he is trying to be diplomatic.