Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Commander? No, child.

So much for that special relationship, eh? Paving the way for the future, possibly, Howard refused to call Bush and congratulate his victory. Why? Because the White House has refused to speak to Howard for pissing them off when he criticized Blair's use of intelligence prior to the Iraq stupidity. Since Bush is so overwhelmingly unpopular in the UK (where more people dislike Americans now than they do in France who generally hold Bush reponsible and not the people, according to a poll last week), Howard could possibly be setting himself up for the elections in the UK in a few months.

And, how's this for a toys-from-the-pram tantrum?

Bush is a pissant who does not deserve to lead a nation as strong, influential and in the spotlight as America. We're supposed to be a responsible, pragmatic country, instead we are seen increasingly as a people held responsible for so much that is wrong with the world. We have the Crybaby from Crawford to thank for all this.