Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jews in America

Conservatives can't quite get their little minds around the idea that a vast majority of Jews in America continue to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats while the conservatives seem to be the loudest, proudest supporters of any policy Israel deems necessary for its survival. It's simple when you think about it but thinking is not the strong suit of most conservatives. Jews in America, after centuries of discrimination, bias, and outright hatred at times, see that America is the place with the most opportunity for them to succeed as individuals rather than as a Jewish nation. In other words, they see themselves as Americans not Israelis and all of the hardships they have faced as a people throughout history give them a solid sense of social justice that is more in line with what Democrats offer. The conservatives think defending Israel at all costs, no matter the increase in terrorist threat it brings and no matter the lack of true democracy there, i.e., as Israel sinks further into an apartheid state with regards to Palestinians, should bring the Jews into their camp. True to form, at the very least since the Dixiecrat conversion to the GOP after the Civil Rights movement supported by a Democratic administration, the conservatives prove their bigotry through this policy. They look at Jews as outsiders in America more concerned with Israel than the US whereas the Jews see America as their real homeland. This bigotry manifested itself in Bush's sham known as his Africa AIDS policy and his appointment of minority bootlickers which the administration thought would bring blacks in droves to their side. However, blacks and hispanics in America are concerned with America first and their own well being in America before what may be happening in their ancestral home. Once these problems are fixed and there is a level playing field for all and these minorities see that they have just as many opportunities to succeed as anyone else, then they may be more concerned with other countries. For now, though, they see through the racism of the GOP and want to see their true home repaired and only the Democrats can do that for them.