Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Friday, November 05, 2004


As I expected, the right wingers are as bad at winning as they are losing which proves they are still losers. They cannot get over their addiction to whining about the media, about liberal elitists, and about the people in the arts. In other words, they don't like intellectuals because intellectuals understand the nuance in the real world. The right wingers either are, or want everyone to believe, that the world is balck and white and we, America, are never on the wrong side. Okay, most of that is for other arguments...onward.

I have come across many articles, blog posts, and comments stating that Bush won the election in spite of the mainstream media (MSM, for the unitiated). After investigative reporting blew the lid off of the Nixon administration and its criminal ways, the right wing began a tizzy about the media being against them. They pushed this for years and years until people actually started to believe them and the press itself began to quiver at the onslaught. So, the press went looking for balance where there was none to be had giving in to the right wing idiocy that everything was just spin and, in order to placate these morons, let them on to spin the facts. Got that? The media turned cowards and let the spin become reality instead of just reporting the facts.

Okay, folks, hear me out. The mainstream media used to print facts and left spin and opinion for the editorial pages. Now, the spin is on every page thanks to the right wing terrorists ruling every branch of our government and dominating the screeching perches of the country. The media has been biased in favour of the GOP for the last 12 years, as evidenced by its attempts to spread the endless rumours of Bill Clinton during his presidency and the fact that they didn't let facts get in the way of their little chats with President W. In the latter case, this is due to a president too afraid to answer for his actions and the press corps was afraid to push him lest their careers be ruined by a punitive, childish action from thie White House. The threats were real early on in the administration. At the end, prior to the election, the press finally pushed and the White House and the right wingers were not happy that the facts were finally going to print.

The facts themselves are against this president and at the end of the next four years (or, perhaps 2), America will realize what a danger it is to have a simpleton president with no creative impulse, no sense of responsibility, little maturity, even less sincerity, and a personal agenda that puts power, peers and party above country.

The facts are indeed SHRILL!