Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Shut The Fuck Up

Was the election stolen again? I don't know and I really don't care. Even if Kerry won both the electoral vote and the popular vote, if we could recount all the votes, the margin would probably be so slim that we would continue the raging debates that the idiot GOP started in 1964 with Goldwater (and I used to be GOP! Somewhere along the line I grew up) and then ramped up with a new passion in 1994 with baseless, bullshit attacks against Clinton, the press, and liberals for the next 6 years. Only if Kerry won in an absolute landslide could we get past the rancor that currently envelopes America. As it is, too many people in our country couldn't see through the lies, distortions, and outright bad policies of the Bush administration. They couldn't see it out of ideological blindness or because we lack a press willing to work its proscribed trade in skepticism (nothing new on either count since the GOP faithful seem to be a bunch of mindless simps who will not question their leadership and since the press was willing to chase down every redneck in the Arkansas woods for salacious stories about Clinton and splash them on the front page but put lies that actually jeopardized our nation well beyond the read of most of the public somewhere on the back pages).

In any event, I am tired of the stories of stolen elections. Anyone researching this topic should line up their sources and affidavits and prepare to roll out the stories around 2007-2008 when it will matter. I want Bush for four more years so he can fuck things up so badly that people finally open their eyes and see what a bunch of hypocritical, greedy, power-mad, gasbags the GOP has become and will vote open-minded adults back into office. If Bush doesn't fuck things up and their changes make things better for all of America, I will say, "I was wrong." If we aren't living in an alternate universe and are stuck with reality, however, it will be fun to see the GOP so overreach that they expose themselves for the frauds and ideological junkies they really are.

So please, keep a lid on it. Let Bush continue his brainless activity in the Oval Office; let Condi piss off whatever allies we have left through her ignorance; let the CIA become an ideological think tank with one communal brain cell; let the FBI investigate the bedroom activities of all Americans; let the current leadership change the tax code so there is a small oligarchy controlling 90% of the wealth fearful of leaving their compounds lest the hungry masses catch them; let the companies pollute our countryside and waterways so that kids are dying from asthma, cancers, and other 'unexplainable' illnesses; let the press continue to consolidate so that it becomes even more of a GOP mouthpiece than it already is; let the military continue to dominate our economic activity and foreign policies so the terrorist threat is greater than we ever could have imagined; let hte religious right morons push us closer to some sort of Armageddon (Jesus won't help you with this one, by the way); and, let the current GOP ban medical practices and sexual behaviours they deem deviant.

All so we can say, in a few years, "We told you so." Then, if Americans are still so stupid as to continue electing Republicans who are too ignorant to handle nuance, too ideologically rigid to accept other points of view, too greedy to help anyone outside their own rich circle, too sexually prudish that they can't handle the thought that someone, somewhere might be masturbating so they set up cameras in the bedrooms of all Americans, and too isolationist to think we need democratic friends on the world stage, let them have their civil war.