Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Friday, January 14, 2005

Amen to Carpetbagger

Lifted fully from The Carpetbagger:

Thankfully, Paige will be on his way back to Texas in a few weeks, but it's hard to see how his tenure could have much worse.
  • Paige called the nation's largest group of school teachers a "terrorist organization."
  • The record Paige compiled in Texas, which is why he became education secretary in the first place, was exposed as a fraud.
  • A St. Louis high school student "stumped" Paige with a question about education budget cuts.
  • Paige has condemned public schools for not having the right "values."
  • Paige has never fully grasped what the No Child Left Behind policy actually does.
  • And when he's tried to defend it, no one, even Republican lawmakers, believed him.

With a record like this, I'm surprised Bush isn't giving Paige a promotion.