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"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sex Education

They forgot another one of the myths being promoted not just by the right wing but put up on NHS sites: abortion increase breast cancer. As noted in another post today, education is the enemy of the right wing. Abstinence education doesn't work. Comprehensive sex education does. Want to cut down on abortions? We all do, except for the leaders of the right wing because they will then lose a potent political issue. Well, the best way to do it is make sure that your kids have all the information. If you're squeamish about talking about sex with your kids, you shouldn't have kids. They're going to become sexually active, talk to them about sex: the whats, whys and hows. Go into detail, take the mystery out of it and MAKE DAMNED SURE they know that hey can talk to you about things like birth control, peer pressure, biology.

'Give me an example of risky behaviour,' said Koehler, sex education teacher at Shoemaker High School, Killeen, about an hour north of the state capital Austin.

The teenagers started with easy stuff. 'Cheating in tests,' called out one. 'Smoking,' said another. Not what Koehler was after.

'Something to do with sexuality. What about girls in short skirts?' Silence from the class of 25 pupils. 'If you wear provocative clothing it makes people think things about you. Guys, what does that say to you - she is loose? She is easy?' asked the teacher.

The boys tittered. Koehler ignored them: 'Girls, how far are you going to take the first date?'
From this educational foreplay, the lesson progressed to the dangers of sexually transmitted infections and an insistence that condoms do not prevent disease or pregnancy.

Those who know her know that my wife is as sexy as they come and she likes to show off her beauty. If I had it, I'd do the same. However, when people make comments about her on the street, in taxis, at airports, etc., it doesn't embarrass her or us, it makes us think that person is an ignorant twit. The problem is in your head, not on her body.