Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Deal

Was it a victory? No. It follows the right-wing path nicely, thank you.

The judges that bulk of Bush's nominees are right-wing radicals who seem to have no use for true jurisprudence. Of course, there are judges from the other spectrum but how many have been nominated or how many have been confirmed. This is Bush's style and few seem to have learned how to deal with it. He does not make sense, has never made sense, and has no interest in making sense. He seems to be the epitome of an overly emotional twit who refuses to accept right or wrong if it is contrary to his world view. He reacts, he doesn't act. I hear over and over again how bold he is but he hasn't done anything original. He has taken every nutjob right-wing bugaboo and tried to tackle them as his policy, i.e., he is not creating anything new but, in enacting the nutjob agenda, he is destroying much. In other words, he is the nutjob squeaky wheel and he's getting his grease. Okay, rant over, back to the Deal...

What has happened is that the traditional Republicans have come to the table set long ago by the Dems. The Dems themselves have had to move from their center to the rightto accommodate public sentiment because they have been so terrible at communicating what it is they stand for. The traditional Republicans in the meantime were taken over by a bunch of frightening charlatans (think Atwater and Rove, inter alii) who said that the way to victory was to open the door to a hardline social agenda because their old message lacked punch. They opened the door to the religious windbags and theocrats who took the reins in the late 80s, going underground with those reins in the 90s as America wasn't ready for the decibels they were producing while slowly increasing the volume on their drumbeat. As the charlatans were better at message, they were able to change public opinion to something unrecognizable to most Americans paying attention (a minority) thus shifting public opinion rightwards and forcing Dems to move in the same direction.

All this comes down to, simply, the table the Dems laid out for the Republican traditionalists was already to the right of their usual position. The Republicans certainly had to move to the left of their party of today but the rest of the Republicans stayed behind. So, sticking their necks out for this case to make a deal, these Republicans are not going to be in a mood to accommodate the Democrats in the future. If Bush throws out more shit and the Dems want to filibuster, they will have to ensure that their coalition stays together or we are going to have another showdown without the prospect of Republicans reaching.

This is no victory for the Dems no matter how much whining, hissing and crying conservatives do (aren't we immune to those noises anyway since this is what conservatives have engaged for so long?). If they want to suck their thumbs that things didn't go 100% their way, and I am sure they do, let them. But, I think this will make them even more irrational than they have proven so far if this fight should raise its head again.

This sounds a perfect synopsis for the current GOP, you can have any rights you want but be ready to have it taken away if we don't like what you do with it. Of course, being led around by the nose by a group of evangelicals who think America is god's country, means that there is a lot they won't like.