Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Terrorism. Why Are We Surprised Anymore?

In The Economist, here.

When do the denunciations begin of this ultra-liberal rag? What a bunch of Euro-appeaser wimps. They must be terrorists themselves if they think the GWOT can be won without a boot to the head to the dark-skinned and Big Brother in the bedroom of every 'Murican. Wait, they don't think the GWOT can be won, they think it will just fade into the background? Defeatist cowards!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stop Your Whining

Conservatives seem to feel a lot braver now that Bush's poll numbers have dropped. They complain that Bush has expanded government to unprecedented proportions betraying conservative principles. Well, boo fucking hoo! What did these idiots expect by electing two people who have survived at the taxpayers' teat their whole lives. Cheney has been in government jobs his whole life except when he was at Halliburton where he used his government contacts to increase the company's revenues by getting more government contracts for them. Bush tried his hand in the private sector and was an abject failure, squeaking out only when daddy's oil buddies bought him out of the failing businesses, and having a modicum of success managing the Rangers only because the government condemned private land enabling him to build the new stadium on that stolen property. So, they suck at the government's teat their whole lives except when they fail at business and you people wonder why the government and its spending have grown so enormously and why they fail at governing? Look at their fucking histories, dopes, and then shut the fuck up. Or, better yet, after examining that, stand up and say, "We were stupid to think these morons could govern anything appropriately." And don't give me any bullshit about how great they were after 9/11. As my header quotes, "Any idiot can handle a crisis..."


Monday, August 22, 2005

The Old Bones Still Work

So, pushing 40 with a kid who's almost 2. You know what? I know it's been said in many places by many people but...

We too often forget the beauty of being a kid.

I spent a lot of time playing with the kid this weekend to give my wife a break and take advantage of the end of the summer weather (here in Kiev it's still warm but it is changing and the trees have already started to turn). We ran all over hell, climbed on top of everything, crawled through anything we could find, and just stopped to stare at shit sometimes.

He started walking through the grass and weeds that are taller than he is. If his mother was there she would have worried, because it is on a very steep hill that he could lose his balnce, that he would get too dirty, that he could hurt himself. Check on all counts. He lost his balance, fell into some tall grass and got dirty and banged his head on some devil grass getting a few red spots in his scalp. But, he didn't cry, he didn't complain, he just said boom, pulled himself up and continued. I got down on my knees to be at his level and, man, that hill looked big. The plants looked different being at eye level. It was interesting to have the bugs flying right past your head. It was cool when he fell one time and I decided to lay down next to him. We just laid there and watched the clouds flow by and the jets fly around.

Later, I joined him on the jungle jim. At first out of necessity because he was on a different one than his usual that isn't in very good shape. I wanted to be sure he wasn't going to fall from the height that this thing presented. After a few minutes, I found it was fun and all the kids running around were having a blast with an adult up there. In the end, the boy was so tired that, after coming off the jungle jim and running around a little bit more, he laid down on the sidewalk and stared at the sky. Time to go home.

We repeated ourselves a bit later after the sun had gone down to catch the moon coming up and see the lights over the city from our area. We saw fireworks going off all over the place. We saw a big moon, blood red as it broke the horizon. We saw the stars appear. We saw the planes coming up and out of Boryspol. Absolutely beautiful and it all is new when seeing it through his eyes.

Is you have a young child. Turn off, drop out, and try to be like him/her if only for one evening. It does bring some fresh perspective and may just help everything seem a little more positive. If for a little while.