Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's the Complexity, Stupid

Unfortunately, the missionaries have taken their toll on the educational development of kids in Ukraine. I have come across plenty of youngsters who don't believe in things like evolution favoring instead the ludicrous idea of creationism or, just as ludicrous, Intelligent Design. Several things have conspired to this. The two most important are that religion is very fashionable here and the missionary schools have better facilities and food for their students. In other words, people have been bribed by the missionaries to have their kids indoctrinated and it helps the parents look good publicly, i.e., in the fashion sense. Those good people, the missionaries and their donors, have decided to set up brainwashing academies as opposed to actually putting their time and effort in helping the maximum number of children by working with and donating to the public school systems.

Since evolution does come up so frequently in conversations, though, I am going to address it very briefly here. As my title notes, it all boils down to complexity. The evolutionists and IDers promote the idea that there is too much complexity in life and the universe for it to have happened randomly. I say, "Bullshit!!" It is that very complexity, in light of the idea on the other side that there is some Ghost in the Sky (GITS or gITs, as you wish, either way pronunciation makes it clear) with a higher intelligence of a level we will never know, that discredits the idea that it is not chance that put it all together.

Think about it, if GITS is so smart and so powerful then why is GITS actually Rube Goldberg? You'd think s/he/it could have devised things much more simply so we wouldn't have to spend so much time discovering stuff and would be able to spend more time bruising our knees in eternal happiness worshipping the obviously selfish prick (if the texts of the various monotheisms are to be believed). A smart being devises things as simply as possible, i.e., doesn't work to increase complexity but rather reduces things to their simplest form for ease of use and less maintenance.

So, either GITS is a complete fucking moron or there is no GITS. I'm happy either way...your choice.


Friday, September 02, 2005

It's Called Balance

The right-wing nuts are screaming about Planned Parenthood getting money in the New Orleans clean-up operation. The left wing is screaming about Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing getting money for the same. Hey, folks!! Who gives a flying monkey fuck who gets the money to help out...as long as they're helping out. Of course, it is a legitimate question to ask what the hell Planned Parenthood might be doing in such a place. If they're giving out free abortions for pregnant women who have lost everything, hey go for it...if that's what the woman wants, get to work. It is less legitimate to ask about Operation Blessing which, ostensibly at least, is designed exactly for this type of stuff. Those of you with a more intimate history of the place (you know who you are) know it is a laundering operation for Robertson and his family, although doing some good at times.

Of course, in today's media environment, where it matters not what one's expertise is as long as you fall on either side of the political chasm the Republicans have dug over the past decade, it can pass as balance. So, put your questions aside, legitimate or not, and let them suck up some federal money and, hopefully, do some good while the vacuum's on.


Compassion for Sale?

I know it's a long shot to think that the rich in Texas would open their doors for some poor blacks from Louisiana but perhaps we should pay these people some taxpayer dollars to try to recruit their compassion so they'll put some people up? At least that would be more honest than trying to blackmailing them into feeling guilty about the situation...which, in any event, wouldn't work because you have to have some compassion to feel guilt. Acting lessons aren't too terribly expensive, however.

And I know, for those of you who know me, that it sounds strange to hear a call for compassion from a person such as myself (for those who don't know me well enough - outside of my family and closest friends I am not a big fan of humanity; with those close ones, I am as warm and kind as a person can be but outside of that I am pretty indifferent - shit happens, do your best to keep living without stepping on another's toes and all that). Then again, if you do know me well enough, you know that there are few things I hate worse than hypocrisy and few things I enjoy more than calling people on their ostensible convictions and predilections.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is Katrina just the Beginning for 2005?

NOAA predicts that there is a 100% chance of above-normal tropical storm activity as of August. If they are right, there could be another hit or two to the US mainland but where is the big question. True, most of the storms peter out before they make landfall in the US but, when they do it, well...you've seen it. Mother Nature is wonderful in her ability to show us who's boss, no matter how many people are on their knees praying. Or should that be, because so many are on their knees looking for a higher source without one to be found? I wonder whether Bush can pull something together before the next disaster hits so the effects can be more or less minimized.

Ha-ha. Okay, I am off the floor from that last attempt at humour. The SOB is a miserable failure at everything he does. Reminds me of the quote from some actor about Claudia Schiffer. Something along the lines of she's so dumb she'd get lost in a revolving door even with directions. Reminds me of Bush. I'm not sure how dumb he is but he certainly has proven he can't do anything right.

Okay, back to the storms. NOAA also says in that report that there is a 0% chance of the period from August to November of seeing below-normal activity.

To that winning brigade in the White House, though, NOAA is just a bunch of bureaucrats. Musn't let science get in the way of our faith-based presidency, eh?


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You Do the Math

In 1917, it became clear that the US was being drawn into the conflict in Europe. Woodrow Wilson sat down with a typewriter and began to write the speech he would give to Congress before asking them to approve of the US entering what would become known as WWI. The speech was very well received and Congress stood and applauded. After giving his speech, he remarked that it was strange that people should cheer war so, sat down at his desk in the White House, and cried.

In 2003, after months of propagandizing about a war that many still did not feel was necessary and one that is still debatable as a legal war under our Constitution, Bush marched in front of the cameras with a speech he had memorized written by a team of rhetoricians announcing the start of war in Iraq. Before going on television, he pumped his fists and said as macho as he can muster, "Feels good."

Who's the bigger man among these two? Who's the one with a better understanding of our Constitutional process? Who's the one with the real leadership skills? Who's the one with true compassion?


FCC Crackdown Coming?

Great, the morality buffoons are at it again. I would love to force them all to come to Europe and watch local television for 24 hours. If they are as prudish as they like to project, and not just pandering as we all predict, they will wig out in the first few hours at what they see.

If they look to make success on this decency front, a nice little distraction to the idiots in the base who can still be thrown off the real issues by such stupidity (because, if presented with the real issues, even these mouth-breathing dolts could not fail to see Bush is a failure at everything except being a failure), I recommend we find someone in Congress willing to put forth a motion to ban the usage of firearms by anyone under the age of 16 in the United States.

We can take it from there, wouldn't want to leave in the hands of the Democrats for too long because they won't know what to do with it.

"That'll do donkey. That'll do."