Just Another Day

"Any idiot can handle a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out." - Chekhov

Thursday, September 08, 2005

For Neil Shakes: this is the one to which I referred earlier


What Does It Mean?

Okay, I had a nice long spiel about what Yuschenko's sacking means for the governance of Ukraine but Blogger ate it (as it often does when you try to highlight the full text of what you have just written). So, in brief: Yuschenko is an idiot to have released Tymoshenko and he is being played by Poroshenko who knows about too many of the skeletons in Yuschenko's closet. Poroshenko is a fat/corrupt fuck who has his own little mafia.

As I've said before, Yuschenko is no angel. Tymoshenko is the closest Ukraine has seen in its government. While she may be too populist for most capitalists, she knows better what needs to be done and won't be swayed by corruption to get off track modernizing Ukraine. Without her, Yuschenko will most likely fail.

Bad lesson here for any of the countries in Russia's sphere who may be leaning democratic because Russia will use this to say to everyone, "We told you so," and the anti-democratic forces in these countries will be emboldened by the failure here and the support they will receive from Russia.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

As If He Needed An Excuse

So, the reports are that this Katrina business may cost upwards of $100 bn hit to the economy. Sounds like it's time for another tax cut and the federal revenue shortfalls can then be blamed on Katrina and whatever other failures of security these morons have up their sleeve. Whatever it is, it couldn't be the tax cuts because they are pure stimulus.

Fuck 'em!!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Putting Some Pieces Together

If I have read correctly, putting it together, while the problems in New Orleans were beginning a/o continuing:
  • Bush is pretending to play a guitar and attending a birthday party for McCain;
  • Dick Cheney is closing on a new home;
  • Condi is out shopping and attending shows;
  • The Bitch Mother is yucking it up at how the poor have got it good in "free" housing with "free" food.

Sums up the Bushites quite well. I have stated before that I had problems with W even before he became president simply because he was a Bush. I hate the idea of patricians in the midst of America. Always have, always will. Anyone who thinks they have a right to the privilege life has lucked them into is worthless in my book. When they stumble into leadership positions, they always seem to prove me right. What makes W worse than most patricians is that he has led such an incredibly insulated life that he can't even manage to surround himself with competents who could at least prop up the administration and make things better than they would be with the patrician alone in charge. Poppy was a dimwit but at least he had people around who knew what they were doing, right or wrong, agree or not with their policies. But, as we have heard from plenty of other quarters, there is very little that is policy driven about this administration, it is all politics.



For the non-Russian speakers: Chertoff's name is a derivation of Devil. The Russian word for devil, not necessarily The Devil but can also mean A Devil, is Chert (pronounced 'chort'; in children's or learners' books, it would be written чёрт with the 'ё' signifying an 'o'-like sound instead of 'e'). Chert is also used as a curse similar to the English use of the word 'Damn!' The ending 'off' is simply a family-name marker from the old genitive case deriving from expressions akin to the old naming mechanism in English, e.g., Michael Chertoff would have meant something like Michael of the Devils a long time ago. Now, it is just a family name but...


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday Sermon - Inconvenient Truths

Monotheistic orthodoxy says that there is but one, true god who created everything - including all the paradoxes apparently. Science continues to show the lack of evidence for a god. Therefore, the facts of science of must be attacked.

Republican orthodoxy says that government is bad and unable to accomplish much worthwhile to people. Clinton showed that government can work and do much for the common good. Therefore, the facts of Clinton's presidency must be attacked. Bush has proved that government can be a monstrous failure. Therefore, W must be hailed as god on earth and defended at almost every opportunity.

Can I get an AMEN!!


Iraq's Off the Front Page

...but it's a damn good thing that we didn't have a Bush for president in October 1962.

The Iraq War was about WMD no matter how many times the wingers try to claim there was much more to it and change the reasons for the stupidity. But, as if we didn't know it already, they lied and lied and lied.

I'm sure that Bush is happy about Katrina because it pulled his raping of Social Security and his catastrophic lies about Iraq off the front pages. Of course, he fucked up the aftermath of the hurricane so badly he is now probably glad that Rehnquist is dead.

Cold comfort for the rest of us though.